I like the fact that how small it is. Usually the bigger is better but in this case I like the small one that you can carry around without getting your neck hurt.

Justin List - Usa

I like to use it with sunglasses as it’s a day time product. I’m glad that it doesn’t damage my sunglasses.

Jade Mcvay - Australia

When I order a product online sometimes I’d forget that I had ordered it since it may take ages the firms to have the products shipped. It didin’t happen this time. I wish all the other online marketing firms were like you.

Robert Harper - USA

I received this Monocular as a bonus when I bought the National Geographic spotting scope. It works really well with a bright view and is easy to align with one eye. I think this little beauty will get more use than the spotting scope. Highly recommended.

Mark Dunston - UK

Got this as a bonus an think its awsum !

Phil Jones – USA